COMP SCI 2ME3, SFWR ENG 2AA4 Assignment 4

Assignment 4
The purpose of this assignment is to design and specify modules for playing Conway’s
Game of Life. The modules should cover the Model and View portions of the Model View

Controller design pattern. You do not need to write a controller. Your unit tests will take
the role of controller.
The rules for Conway’s Game of Life can be found at:
An on-line simulator can be found at: ife/
Your assignment is for the module that stores the state of the game board and the
status of the game. You also need a module that can display (view) the state of the game
board using text based (ASCII) graphics. You may also include other modules in your
Your speci cation should be written using LaTeX. All of your code should be written
in C++. All code les, except for testing les, should be documented using doxygen.
Your test code should use catch, version 2.
Part 1
Step 1
Submit your design speci cation, written in LaTeX, of the MIS for the game state module
and view module. If your speci cation requires additional modules, you should include
their MISes as well. It is up to you to determine your modules interface; that is, you
decide on the exported constants, access programs, exceptions etc. You also determine
your state variables and specify the semantics for your access program calls. Your design
does not need to concern itself with performance.
The initial state of your game should be provided through a text le. It is up to you
to determine the structure of this le. You also need the ability to output the game state
to a le after any iteration. The output le should be in the format of the input le, so
that a new simulation can be started using the output as initial conditions.
Your design speci cation should include an overview/critique of your own design.
Please be speci c. In particular, you should self-assess how your design performs with
respect to all of the following qualities: consistency, essentiality, generality, minimality,
cohesion and information hiding. You also should use comments in your MIS to explain
your intentions. Your goal is to quickly communicate to the marking TA your design
decisions, so that they can make a fair assessment.
Part 2
Step 2
Submit C++ code that matches the speci cation given in the previous step. You should
also submit code that tests your module(s) using catch 2. Document your source code
using doxygen. You code should include a make le, with rules make test and make doc.
Performance will not be considered in the grading.
1. Your git repo is organized with the following directories at the top level: A1, A2, A3,
and A4. Your speci cation and code les should be placed in the A4 folder
2. Please put your name and macid at the top of each of your source les.
3. Your program must work in the ITB labs on mills, as speci ed for A3.
4. Any changes to the assignment speci cation will be announced in class.
It is your responsibility to be aware of these changes. Please monitor all
pushes to the course git repo.