CSC108H Assignment 3

CSC108H Assignment 3

Deadline:Monday, December 2 @ 22:00
Resubmission with 20% deduction (optional but recommended):Wednesday, December 4 @ 22:00

Goals of this Assignment

  • Write function bodies using dictionaries and file reading.
  • Write code to mutate lists and dictionaries.
  • Use top down design to break a problem down into subtasks and implement helper functions to complete those tasks.
  • Write tests to check whether a function is correct.
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CSCA08 Assignment 0

CSCA08 Assignment 0 Introduction The goal of this assignment is to get you started writing python functions, and to evaluate your ability to create high quality efficient code. The work you will be doing in this assignment is not harder than what you have been doing in exercises up to this point, but this code will be marked by TAs who will evaluate not only whether your code works, but also whether it is efficient and well designed.

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